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Software Solutions Development

The key to successful Software development projects relies upon the selection of an experienced and technically competent IT services provider who you can trust.

Acttus have many years experience in assessing the risks associated with Software Development projects, and determining the critical success factors crucial for success.

Our approach for Software development is to assign Project and Business Managers who work with their counterparts to ensure all the development adheres to the requirements of the customer and their underlying business requirements.

Bespoke Solutions

We can take ownership of the Product Development from architecture, system and business perspective. Our skills in Solutions development include bespoke applications development in a range of technologies ranging from various Integrated Development Environments from leading Vendors like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.

ISV Solution Development

Acttus is one of few companies that has core expertise in ISV Solution Development.

Our technical team is diverse and have a range of skills in leading ISV's like Oracle Applications including eBusiness Suite, Peoplesoft, Siebel and ERP vendor SAP.

ISV implementations are complicated and require a high level of expertise. This expertise comes from an understanding the business domain of the ISV and also the architecture of the application.

Our approach at Acttus is to assign Technical and Business leads associated with the ISV to understand the following aspects of the project :

  • ISV Infrastructure requirements
  • ISV application requirements
  • ISV application integration requirements
  • ISV application configuration requirements

A Business consultant who is knowledgeable in the domain of the ISV underpins all this and ensures the technical skills are complemented in the correct business context.