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How we help

We can provide you with resources and skills to help you develop, integrate, and deploy complete solutions and infrastructures.

Sourcing is a fundamental element of an organisation's business strategy. The optimal strategy should aim to focus on core activities which create competitive advantage for the business. It should also outline the strategic opportunities available for non-core activities. Sourcing options can include outsourcing, offshoring and On-shore.

Acttus believe that a sourcing strategy is not a decision to be taken lightly. We can help you to identify potential areas to outsource, indicate both the operational and financial impact of any outsource and assess whether this is the most appropriate strategy for your business.

Your applications are at the heart of your identity as a business. Whether your goal is lower costs or better efficiencies; process improvement, enhanced competitiveness or improved ROI, the answer may lie in more efficient management of your applications.

Whether you require a complex set of services, or a simple, specific solution, Acttus Sourcing choices allows you to source exactly the services and resources you need for the project.

Acttus has proven, standardised management and delivery processes that are supported by our best-practice tools, and methodologies, whether they are sourced Off shore or On shore.

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The Benefits of Sourcing

Acttus Sourcing Model provides our clients with substantial business benefits that go far beyond mere cost savings for example

  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 support from our delivery teams, who can work across time zones to meet critical deadlines and reduce time to market for new products and services
  • Flexible access to skills and capabilities, by ensuring you pay only for the services you need
  • Variability and scalability of services by enabling you to choose skills and resources only as and when you need them
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your project is in the hands of a proven provider in managed solution